BioGarden SoilTM Conditioner is the foundation for plant health and productivity, bountiful nutrient-dense produce and beautiful blooms.

BioGarden™ Soil Conditioner may be sprinkled directly onto the soil with our convenient shaker container, or mixed in water and sprayed or watered in. May be used in furrow at planting, as a root-dip for transplants, or as a side-dress for established plants and trees. Use up to four times during the growing season.

BioGarden™ Soil Conditioner 2-2-3, a specially formulated blend of nutrients and beneficial plant growth enhancing microbes breaks down organic matter to build healthy garden soil and make soil nutrients (such as nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and more) available to plants in forms they can use.

Use for vegetables, flowers, berries, around fruit trees, in containers, and more.


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