Soil fertility often cannot be amended in time to have much effect on annuals during one short season. But plants are able to absorb nutrients through the surface cells and stomata of their foliage, and foliar feeding is a fast and effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies, or supplement any soil fertility program.

BioGarden™ Foliar Fertilizer 4-14-14 is a nutrition-packed foliar spray for the home garden, fortified with beneficial microbial plant growth enhancers for fast nutrient delivery to fruit trees, vegetables, berries, shrubs, flowers, and more.

Easy To Use
Mix 2 level teaspoons into 2-3 gallons of lukewarm water (amount of water required may vary depending on sprayer used), decant into sprayer, and spray onto plant foliage.

*Not intended for use on needle-bearing trees and shrubs.


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