Big Changes at Tainio!  

 We are pleased to announce a new chapter in the history of Tainio! On May 31st 2016 we broke ground for the construction of our brand new 13,650 square foot facility!  
Our new location will be at 4814 S. Ben Franklin Lane, Spokane, WA, just 8 minutes from our current facility. If all goes according to plan we will be moving in December.  
To go along with our new facelift, the board of directors has decided it’s time for a name that better represents who we are, and what we do. Once the legal paperwork goes through, our new legal name will be Tainio Biologicals, Inc.  Stay tuned for an official announcement!
Rest assured we have not sold our company or taken on new investors!  We are still the same people and the same great products, wrapped in a shiny new package.

Monthly Webinars

Please join us for our free monthly informative webinars! Hosted by our own in-house experts, we will cover a wide variety of ag-related topics. Contact us for more information on how to participate in these exciting talks!

 Join us the third Thursday of each month for our 2016 webinar series!


March 17 Root Dip for Trees and Transplants
April 21

Dealing with Salt Issues and Identifying the
Source of the Problem

May 19 Defining Soil Health
June 16

The Effect of Soil Biology on Nutrient
Availability of Soil pH

July 21 The Importance of Tissue Testing
August 18 Drought and Your Soil
September 15 General Q&A

Conferences/Trade Shows

Conference and tradeshow season is fast approaching and there are so many good ones it’s hard to choose!
This year we’ve decided to venture out and experience some of the events that we haven’t been to yet. In order to fit these extra activities into our schedule and budget, we will be foregoing our 2016 Tainio BioAg Symposium. But don’t worry; it’s only temporary and we’ll be back!


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